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porous plastics

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Welcome to the PLINST web site. Here, we mainly introduce our products, porous materials by Injection Molding as well as Extrusion Molding.

porous The dechlorination method and powder sintering method are techniques for obtaining continuous open-cell structure substances; however, these conventional methods are applicable only to a few specific resins, and only simple shapes can be molded using these techniques.

Using the manufacturing engineering which we have developed, it has become possible, for the first time, to carry out injection molding to create continuous open-cell structure versions of engineering plastics with excellent mechanical strength and other useful characteristics, as well as with general-purpose plastics, with a void ratio of over 60%.

These methods are thought to be applicable to entirely new fields by selecting different materials.

Keywords: sponge, porosity, lightweight, filter, air permeability

The engineering technique which we have developed breaks new ground. It is also open to major future developments through the improvement and development of different materials.

Since this technique is virtually unique, we hope to develop new products jointly with an enterprise possessing top-class application development capability, product design engineering, and product evaluation engineering, since we are in possession of the necessary injection molding techniques engineering and plastic mixing engineering skills.

We have already been entrusted with research into methods to produce earplugs using a thermoplastic elastomer. This engineering seed has been developed through the process of research and development.

When applying for our patent, therefore, we submitted it jointly with an entrusted manufacturer and resin maker who cooperated with us in its development. However, there are no obstacles to forming a development alliance with another company. (In this case, disclosure will be necessary.)