Corporate profile

Operation Started January 22, 1992
Address 4-25-9,Ibukidai-nishi,Nishi-ku,Kobe,Hyogo 651-2243,Japan
Contact Us CEO
About pellet(Mio Yamamoto)
Capital ¥26.5 million
Settling Day June 30
Board of Directors CEO Kunihiko Otani
Director Shunsuke Otani
Director Mio Yamamoto
Director Kyoko Otani
Auditor Rihei Yamashita
Scope of Business Manufacturing & Selling
  • Continuous Open-Cell Structure Substances
  • Products by Injection Molding
  • Various Seals and Rubber Stamps
  • Ink-roll inserted in pocket calculators, printers
  • logotype stamp inserted in a cash register, printing the name of the store
  • Business cards and Post cards
  • "Name Kiss"; Rubber stamp inserted in lipstick case
  • "My refill";a four-colors set of Lipstick available for general lipstick case, set colors: white, black, gold, silver.
Equipement Photocomposition system
Printing machine for Business Card
Two cylinders for kneading rubber
Heat Press
Valcanizing Oven
Technologies Designing continuous open-cell structure substance
Designing stamp
Engineering plastics by injection molding
Photocomposition & Make-up
Producing rubber of continuous open-cell structure